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Cassette Tape Message

OK, here it is. I've seen some people asking for a translation of the
KOR Cassette Tape Drama CD audio episode in r.a.anime, so I've
tried to put something together. For those of you who don't know
what this is, there exists an original episode of KOR on CD audio
only...included in the CD "Drama" as well as in the KOR CD Box
set. Note: I am not a professional translator. I am just an anime fan
like most of you out there, and am doing this out of the goodness of
my heart :-) so that fellow KOR fans can enjoy a "lost" episode of
KOR without having to worry about a language barrier. This is not a
complete word for word or line for line translation...it's just
something to give you an idea of what's going on. This took
CONSIDERABLE time and effort to put together, so please avoid nit-
picking on spelling errors or small mistakes or poor word choices on
my part. Remember, I'm not a professional. In some areas I will
include explanatory notes in parentheses. Enjoy!

Quincy Huoh(a.k.a Lancer)

Kimagure Orange Road
"Cassette Tape Message"

The episode begins with Kurumi and Manami and Jingoro taking a

Kurumi"Hey! Come on Jingoro, if you splash around that much the
suds will start flying...ow!"
Mamani"Yeah! No, don't run away! You're full of suds!"
Kurumi"Hey! Don't you dare run...(uses her power to prevent Jingoro
from escaping)"
Manami"Hey, quit it! Using your power in a place like this...you
splashed suds on me too."
Kurumi"Ha! You soap doll!"
Manami"Really now.."
Kurimu"Seriously, though...you seem to have GROWN recently,
Manami...you wouldn't be using your power to augment to size of..."
Manami"What?! Stop it, stop it Kurumi! But really, I wonder if they
really have grown so..."
Kurimi"Idiot...I'm not talking about your bust...it's your butt."
Manami"Hey, you dummy! Your butt's big too!.."
Kurumi and Manami" What? Why you...etc."
Kyoske"(outside the door) Hey, when are you two going to be done
Kurumi and Manami" OK!"
Kurumi" Why don't you get in too, Kyoske?"
Manami"(to Kurumi) Idiot!"
Kurumi opens door.
Kyoske(Fumbles around)"Yikes...whoops!"
Kurumi" Ha! Our brother's such a klutz..."
Manami" But really Kurumi, what do you think?"
Kurumi"About what?"
Manami"It's about Kyoske and..."
Kurumi" Oh, and Madoka?"
Manami" Right! and Hikaru...um, er.."
Kurumi" I know! You mean whether or not they've had sex?"
Manami" AAAHH! Stop it, being so forthright all of a
sudden...talking about sex...I didn't say anything about that.."
Kurumi"Oh, you were thinking about kissing..."
Manami" Really Kurumi, talking about it so nonchalantly...have you
ever kissed?
Kurumi"I sure have...haven't you?"
Manami" HUH?"
Kurumi" Not even once?"
Manami" Err.."
Kurumi"Not even in your fantasies?"
Manami" Fantasies?"
Kurumi" What are you thinking about? I'm talking about French
Manami" Oh..."
Kurumi"Not even in a premonition about some future event?"
Manami" Nope..."
Kurumi" Geez, then what sort of dreams are you having every day?"
Manami" What?...Oh stop it..you've been talking about things
happening in dreams?!"
Kurumi" Ha,ha!"
Manami" Oh, Jingoro wants to be kissed! Come here..."
(They argue over who's going to get to kiss the cat...)

Scene shift to Kyoske's bedroom. He's listening to a DJ show where
people write in about their love problems,...hosted by a DJ called

Song...The Actress in the Mirror

Kyoske" Sheesh(or man, gee whiz, etc.), those girls take really long
Dogman" That was "Actress in the Mirror by Nakahara Meiko!
OK, now onto our next letter. (Dogman reads the letter, and
comments on the contents)
'Good evening, Dogman'
Hey, yo, good evening cutie!
' I don't know if it's OK to suddenly write about something like this,
Hey, if you've got a love problem, write about it! And leave the
answers to the guy! Owww!.."
Kyoske" Haha!...Dogman's the same as always..."
Dogman" 'The thing is, there's this person I'm in love with...'
Oh, hey, she can't be saying that she loves me?! I've already got a
wife and pup at home! Ha ha!"
Kyoske(laughing)"No way..."
Dogman" OK, now what...
' I'll call this person "Kei"...he's very indecisive and
is going out with me and with a girl younger than himself.'
Yow! Way to go you dirty teenager! Haha!"
Kyoske(narration)"At that time, I wasn't even thinking that the
contents of the letter had anything to do with me. Like always, I was
happily listening to Dogman's babbling..."
Dogman" 'Even so, I've always forgiven Kei...and this other girl and I
have been friends since childhood.'
Wow, this is really complicated!
' But, to tell you the truth, every time I see them together, it upsets
That's true, huh!
' This is something that just happened, but...'
What? Is this true? OWWWWW(Dogman has a mild seizure :-) )
Kyoske" Sheesh, what's Dogman doing?"
Dogman" 'I gave...to a guy I neither like nor dislike...to a guy I'm not
even involved with...I gave...that...to him("that" refers to her
virginity...so she lost her virginity to that guy)'
YEEEOW! Dogman can't take no more!..."
Manami(from bathroom)" Kyoske, we're done!"
Kurumi" Sorry to keep you waiting!"
Kyoske" OK!"
Dogman" 'And so, the sorry girl who had sex on purpose to spite her
indecisive boyfriend...
The Girl of the Red Straw Hat' "
Kyoske" WHAAT!??!?"
Dogman" OK,OK, here's a present from Dogman to a hurting
girl...Wada Kanako's
Janeena! Owwww!"


Kyoske"Ma..Madoka...no way...doing something that stupid..."

Scene shift...Kyoske's walking outside late at night.

Drunk" Hey, you...watch where you're going..."
Kyoske" S..Sorry!...yeoww!"
Car Driver" You Dumbshit! You trying to get run over!?"
Kyoske(narration)"I walked the night streets for a very long
time...The city's lights were so bright...being thought of by someone
as such a cruel person,...that's never happened to me before...The
darkness seemed to go on forever...I wanted it that way, but the
brightness of the city lights seemed to try to comfort me...the girl of
the red straw hat...red straw hat...In my jumbled up mind, it seemed I
was trying to chase the redness of that straw hat...I'm sorry,
Madoka...I love you...Even though try as I might I can't chase away
Hikaru's cheerful brightness...I'm angry at myself...I'm such a bad
guy...an awful person...but even so, I can't forgive you, Madoka, for
what you've done..."

Scene shift...Kyoske's calling Madoka on a pay phone.

Madoka(answering machine)"Hello. This is the Ayukawa residence.
We're not in right now. If you like, please leave a message in this
answering machine. We'll get back to you when we return. "
Kyoske hangs up.

Scene shift...Next day, at school.

Kyoske(narration)" The next day, Madoka didn't come to school..."
Hikaru" Yippie! Good morning, Darling!"
Kyoske" Uh, morning, Hikaru."
Hikaru" Eh, what's the matter? Your eyes are all red, Darling."
Kyoske"What? Oh, yeah, a little."
Hikaru"I know! That's right, exams are coming up pretty
soon...you've been studying, right?"
Kyoske" Uh, actually, no.(laughs). Not yet..."
Hikaru"Then...videos! Wow, what have you been watching? Come
on, what? what? Hehe, I can't help it if you like it Darling, but please
try and avoid seeing stuff that's super lecherous, OK?"
Kyoske" Hey, hey, Hikaru!"
Hikaru" But Darling, if you get too ahead of me I'll have such a hard
time keeping up with you! (She has a mild fit of laughter :-) )
Kyoske" Come on, Hikaru...what are you talking about?"
Hikaru(they've arrived at Kyoske's classroom)" Huh? Madoka really
isn't here after all."
Kyoske" What?"
Hikaru"Don't you think she's been acting a bit strange recently?"
Kyoske" Wha..what do you mean?"
Hikaru" Well, I'm not sure but she seems to be strangely avoiding
Kyoske" What? Really?"
Hikaru" Yes...yesterday after school I wanted Madoka to take a quick
look at my new blouse, but she said she had to go to ABCB's to
work...but when I talked to Master he said that Madoka told him
she'd be talking 2-3 days off..."
Kyoske" N...no way..."
Hikaru" Do you know what might be going on?"
Kyoske" N...no...I didn't go home with her yesterday...besides, I
really didn't feel like talking."
Kyoske(narration)"Madoka...Madoka's that girl of the red straw hat
who wrote Dogman...there's no mistaking it! Even now, she might
be with that guy...that guy..."

Scene shift...a fast food restaurant.

Counter person" Welcome to Winky's!"
Kyoske" The same as that time? What do you mean, Hikaru?"
Hikaru" Well, this happened 6 years ago...one time Madoka, who
always played with us all of a sudden became cold(unfriendly) to
Yusaku and I. Darling can I have some ketchup?"
Kyoske" Y..yeah."
Hikaru" Great!"
Kyoske" And then, Hikaru?..."
Hikaru" Yes, well, that time I found out why right away. Madoka
was going to run away from home!"
Kyoske" Run away!?"
Hikaru" Yes..See, Madoka's parents are world famous musicians,
Kyoske" Right..."
Hikaru" So they're never home. At that time Madoka's sister lived at
home, but during the day Madoka was always alone. She thought if
she ran away from home then her parents would hurry and fly home
from Europe."
Kyoske" So that's why she wanted to run away..."
Hikaru" Yes...but from there on she acted so much like Madoka...she
thought if she told Yusaku or myself about it we'd follow her, so a
little while before she was planning to leave she purposely avoided
Kyoske" Oh, haha...So what happened after that?"
Hikaru" Well, I found Madoka the day she ran away and begged her
to take me along...I mean, I was only about 6 years old at the time."
Kyoske" Then, you ran away from home too?"
Hikaru" Yes...Oh, Darling, can I have some of that mustard?"
Kyoske" Sure,..."
Hikaru" All right!...So where do you think we went?"
Kyoske" Well,..."
Hikaru"Well, this was my first attempt at running away from home,
as well as Madoka's, so we had no idea where we should go. We
roamed all over the place. In the beginning, while it was bright, it
was fun. Madoka brought lots of money, and bought me all sorts of
stuff to eat, even some beads...but as it got darker, and the toy stores
and such started to close, we ran out of places to go...and I ended up
wanting to go home."
Kyoske" Well, you couldn't have helped it...you were only 6..."
Hikaru" But I promised Madoka I would never say I wanted to go
home...but Madoka seemed so lonely...I was only a kid but even then
I could sense that...and so while I was thinking 'don't cry...don't
cry'..., I ended up crying."
Kyoske" Yeah..."
Hikaru" And then Madoka said all of a sudden 'I understand
Hikaru...don't cry now...I'll take you to a nice place' "
Kyoske" Wow..."
Hikaru" And the place Madoka took me was the carnival's merry-go-
Kyoske" The merry-go-round?"
Hikaru" That's right, Darling. Madoka said that when she was little
riding a merry-go-round always made her feel better."
Kyoske" Oh..."
Hikaru" So Madoka took me there hoping to make me feel better...but
it was winter, and so the carnival was closed at night. So Madoka
and I ended up spending the night in a still merry-go-round car, and
went home the next morning."

musical interlude...BGM My Little Girl

Kyoske(narration)" I received a clear vision of Madoka and Hikaru at
that time...Hikaru, shivering from the cold...Madoka, not even 10
years old...huddled together in the still merry-go-round car. Must be,
after Hikaru fell asleep, and then silently so no one could
hear...Madoka cried by herself...lonely and scared...even now,... even
now while my indecisive self babbled with Hikaru...she must be

Scene shift...Kyoske at home calling Madoka, answering machine
answers...Kyoske hangs up.

Kyoske" Madoka..."
Manami and Kurumi" We're home!"
Manami" Hey, Kyoske, you're home early."
Kyoske" Yeah..."
Kurumi" Oh, that's right...Kyoske, where did you go last night?"
Kyoske" What? Oh, just over to Komatsu's house for a bit."
Manami" Liar! When we asked Komatsu and Hatta just now they
said they went to a new disco last night."
Kurumi" That's right! And they said next time they'll take us along !"
Kyoske" Shut up...it's none of your business where I went."
Jingoro" Meoww!"
Manami" Yikes! You stepped on Jingoro!"
Kyoske" Oh...er, sorry, sorry!"
Manami and Kurumi" Oh, no! Oh, no! You stepped on Jingoro!"
(a little ditty that rhymes in Japanese)
Kyoske" Sheesh..."
Manami" Oh, yeah, here, this is for you."
Kyoske" Eh? What is it?"
Manami"Just look at it...it's a cassette tape."
Kurumi" Yeah, we ran into Madoka a little while ago, and she asked
us to give you this."
Kyoske"What?! You saw Madoka? Where?! "
Kurumi" Huh? Just close to school..."
Manami" Yeah, now that I think about it, she must have waited for us
to give us this tape."
Kyoske" Madoka..."
Kurumi" What's the matter, Kyoske?"
Manami" It doesn't seem like just some music that Madoka said she
dubbed for him, does it?"
Kyoske" Shut up!"

Scene shift...Kyoske enters his room to play the tape.

Kyoske(narration)" This cassette tape...I think this tape's message
contains Madoka's true feelings...concerning the stuff she wrote
Dogman about...Madoka...Madoka..."
Kyoske plays the tape.
Madoka(on tape)" Hi! How are you doing, Kyoske? It's Ayukawa
Madoka. It's about
midnight, I think. I'm out right now. I'm not coming to school
tomorrow, but please don't worry. "
Kyoske(narration)" That was...a completely unexpected, bright and
cheerful voice..."
Madoka(on tape)" The thing is, I have some things to take care of,
and so I'm giving you this tape message. Look, if I were to talk to
you in person, there'll be this and that and, well...it's just that since I
won't be at school tomorrow, I though you might worry, so..."
Guy(on tape)" Yo, Madoka, what're you doing at a place like this?"
Madoka(on tape)" Oh!..."
Kyoske" Madoka!"
He rewinds the tape and listens to the guy over and over...
Kyoske(narration)"Behind Madoka's voice, even though I could hear
only a little bit, I heard Dogman's voice. There's this cafe where at
midnight, when Dogman's show starts, for half an hour, the
turntables are stopped and Dogman's radio show is put on.
Madoka took me there once.

Scene shift...Kyoske runs to the cafe, and thinks to himself while

Flashback at the cafe

Madoka" A while ago, when I was bad, I used to come to this place
often. Persona(the name of the cafe)...do you know what that means,
Kyoske"Per..Persona? Gee..."
Madoka"M a s k. "(The Japanese word she uses literally means mask,
but here it refers more to a front or a facade)
Kyoske" Mask?"
Madoka" That's right...Madoka the "Pick" might have been one of my
masks...I wonder just who it was that removed it for me...(Kyoske, of
Kyoske" What?(we hear ice cubes rattling)...Madoka...th...that's..."
Madoka(laughs)" It's OK, it's oolong tea..."

Scene shift...Kyoske barrels into the cafe.

Lady" Welcome...oh, sorry, but we don't have any video games
The customers laugh.
Kyoske" Uh...Madoka...is Ayukawa Madoka here?"
Lady" Oh, Madoka?"
Kyoske" Yesterday...she was here yesterday night, wasn't she? Please
tell me! I'm looking for her..."
Lady" Gee, well....let me think..."
Kyoske" Please don't act like you don't know! Where is she? Where
the hell is she!?"
(we hear broken glass)
Dude" Yo, man, take it easy now...what do you want with her?"
Lady" Are you a gang member or one of Madoka's henchmen?"
Dude" You can't possibly be her...MAN can you? Hahahaha!"
Kyoske" SHUT UP!!"
Dude" Well, don't you think highly of yourself...What do you want
you bastard!..."
Lady" Stop it! Oh...I remember you...You're that classmate of hers
she brought here once..."
Kyoske" Eh? Y..yes, that's right."
Dude" Sheesh...tell him then."
Lady" Madoka's at a man's place."
Lady" Persistent bastard, aren't you? She went to "talk" to him!"
Kyoske" Madoka..."

Scene shift...Kyoske looks for Madoka.

Kyoske(thinks while running)" I won't...I won't lose you to anyone!
Madoka(Kyoske imagines her writing the letter)" I'll call this person
"Kei"...he's very indecisive and is going out with me and with a girl
younger than himself. And so I gave...to a guy I neither like nor
dislike...to a guy I'm not even involved with...I gave...that...to him."

Scene shift...A railroad crossing.

Kyoske(narration)" At that time...in the park across from the railroad
junction...I found Madoka. She was with a guy I've never seen
before. In front of my eyes, several long trains passed...Hiding aside,
I observed her. The look on her face...the look on her face...was
completely that of an adult..."

He runs up to them.

Kyoske"Madoka!...Don't go with him!...Don't Go!"
Guy"What the ..?"
Kyoske grabs the guy.
Kyoske"You bastard!"
Guy"What the Hell!?"
Kyoske" Hurry up and get lost! Don't you ever approach Madoka
Guy" Why YOU!"
Madoka" Kyoske! What are you?!"
Kyoske" Shut up! Let's go, Madoka! Umphh!(she slaps him)."
Madoka" What are you saying all of a sudden? I have my own
reasons for...(Kyoske slaps her!) Ahhh!...K..Kyoske..."
Kyoske" I know plenty about your reasons...even so,...even so!...do
you actually think it's OK do to...to do something like that with a guy
you don't even care about!!!"

Scene shift...Kyoske and Madoka are talking while sitting on swings
in a playground.

Madoka(laughs)"Oh, Kyoske, you're too much!...A real pervert..."
Kyoske" Sheesh, Madoka, when are you going to stop laughing?"
Madoka"It's too funny!..."
Kyoske(narration)"It was all a misunderstanding. The girl of the red
straw hat wasn't Madoka after all...An old friend of hers, Megu, was
planning to run away from home with that guy Madoka was
with...she was talking to that guy about it..."
Madoka(laughs)" Hikaru's Hikaru as always! What did she mean,
I've been acting strange? If I told Hikaru, she would have had to
meet one of my old gang members...so..."
Kyoske" I see...so it's the same as that time(when Madoka wanted to
protect Hikaru from running away) after all."
Madoka" What?"
Kyoske" Er, nothing, nothing. So what happened between those
Madoka" Yeah...you know that guy I was with? He's not a bad
person, just really simple(a nice way of saying he's dumb :-) ). Megu
is Megu, of course...she thinks up stupid thoughts so easily...when
her parents forbid her to continue to see that guy, she ran away."
Kyoske" Then it was time for Madoka to show up, right?"
Madoka" Can't help it, can I? I was asked. In the end, the running
away failed...well, maybe not..."
Kyoske" What do you mean?"
Madoka"They said that they ran as far away as the carnival."
Kyoske"The carnival?"
Madoka" Yeah...that simpleton...even though he asked a girl to run
away with him, he had no money...They went as far as the carnival,
then it was over...we still can't escape our parents' shadows, can we?"
Madoka(laughs)" But, Megu said being able to ride the merry-go-
round made her happier...I guess she was satisfied with that. It feels
sort of dumb worrying about them so much..."
Kyoske" Merry...go-round, huh?"
Madoka" Yeah. Megu may seem bad, but she's actually a nice girl..."
Kyoske(laughs)"She reminds me of someone I know...(Madoka, of
Kyoske"Er, nothing, nothing...haha...Say!, Madoka, why don't we go
ride a merry-go-round now?"
Madoka" What? What are you talking about? The carnival's closed
Kyoske" It's OK...it'll be OK, Madoka! Let's go!"
Madoka" W..wait a minute, Kyoske!"

Scene shift...Kyoske and Madoka on a train going to the carnival

Madoka" Really, Kyoske, sometimes you tend to go overboard..."
Kyoske and Madoka laugh.
Kyoske(narration)" Madoka, I'll take you wherever you want to
go...The train we'll ride will be a Galaxy Train...for just the two of
us...Anything you want, I'll do it for you...Your whimsical nature will
take us everywhere...we'll never have a final stop...well, that's OK
too...I'll watch you decide where to go..."

musical interlude BGM

Scene shift...Kyoske and Madoka in a merry-go-round car

Madoka" I don't know...sneaking in like this..."
Kyoske(laughs)" It's OK, it's OK...if we get caught, all we have to do
is run!"
Madoka" You are so bad...you screwball..."
Kyoske" But, I'm so glad..."
Madoka" About what? (laughs) "
Kyoske" Hey, come on, cut that out..."
Madoka" But certainly that situation was too much like ours..."
Kyoske" What?"
Madoka" That letter."
Kyoske" Yeah..."
Madoka" Kei is indecisive, and is going out with a younger girl as
well as..."
Kyoske" Hey, s..stop it, Madoka."
Madoka(laughs)" Well, I think I've teased you enough, but...I was
very happy(about Kyoske showing how much he cared about
her)...and I'm a little angry."
Kyoske" What?"
Madoka" Do you think I'm capable of doing such a slutty thing?"
Kyoske" What?"
Kyoske" M..Madoka..."
Madoka" Perhaps that's the type of girl you think I am, Kyoske...?"
Kyoske" Uh, no..., no way..."
Madoka" Well, just kissing may not have been such a big deal..."
Kyoske" Eh? Ma..Madoka, you've k..kissed before?"
Madoka" Sure. It feels sooo great..."
Kyoske" What?!"
Madoka "So I've heard...(laughs)"
Kyoske" Geez, don't shock me like that..."
Madoka" How about you, Kyoske?"
Kyoske" What?(he seems to say that a lot :-) )...Yes!, I'm a
virgin...so to speak."
Madoka" Dummy..."
They laugh.
Madoka" Hey, Kyoske..."
Kyoske" Hmm?"
Madoka" Oh,...the red straw hat I gave you...do you still have it?"
Kyoske" Of...of course..."
Madoka" I think once in a while about just why, when I met you for
the first time, I gave you that..."
Kyoske" Eh?"
Madoka" Because you see, that was a very precious thing that I've
had since I was a child..."
Kyoske" Ma..Madoka.."
Madoka" Perhaps...perhaps I had a premonition...at that time... "
Kyoske" Eh?"
Madoka" ....that someday,...someday I would...with this person..."
Kyoske" Madoka..."
Madoka(sticks out her tongue at him)" Bleeah! It couldn't have been
like that..."
Kyoske" Sheesh!"
They both laugh.
Beginning of a romantic moment. :-)
Kyoske" Ma..Madoka..."
Kyoske" Madoka, I..."
Madoka" Wait, stop, what's the matter,...your face is so serious all of
a sudden..."
Kyoske" Madoka...I know I looked a little foolish, misunderstanding
what you were doing and everything...but I'm glad it happened that
Madoka" What?"
Kyoske" Because you see, now, I feel,...what do you call it...confident
and decisive..."
Madoka" What? Wait a minute, Kyoske, what..."
They kiss.

musical interlude BGM

Madoka" Kyoske..."
Kyoske" Madoka...I love you..."
The merry-go-round begins to move.
Madoka" Ahh! What's happening!?"
Kyoske" The merry-go-round is moving!"
Madoka" I know that!...but why?..."
Kyoske" I have a confession to make, Madoka...the thing is, I'm an
Kyoske" Because I've finally been able to tell you my true feelings,
I'm just so happy that I moved the merry-go-round!"
Madoka" What?...(laughs)...Wonderful, isn't it?"
They both laugh and ride the merry-go-round.

Scene shift...Madoka records another tape message for Kyoske.
(I'm not sure whether this is Kyoske listening to her tape or Madoka
listening to herself...)

Madoka(on tape)" Hi Kei...Mr. Kasuga Kyoske...thank you for a
beautiful night ...Ayukawa Madoka...The one-way cassette tape
message...part 2...it's embarrassing...I'm sorry...right now...you must
be in dreamland(asleep), I think..."

Kyoske(narration)" Kasuga Kyoske...15 years old...the cold starlit
sky...the night I'll never forget...

musical interlude BMG Take Me to the Ski


I hope you enjoyed the translation! If you have any questions email
me at "lancer@uclink.berkeley.edu".

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